Whether you are considering opening your first savings account or want to make the most of your existing funds, CBC National Bank® offers a variety of easy-to-manage Savings Account options to help you reach your financial goals.

Our savings accounts offer a variety of convenient features including:

  • Free e-Statements
  • Free e-Alerts
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Telephone Banking with 24/7 access
  • Direct Deposit 

We even offer e-Personal Pay, a fast and secure way to make and accept online personal payments. All of these features, and more, are available to ensure your CBC National Bank experience is every bit as effortless as it is enjoyable.

At CBC National Bank, we know that helping you save money starts by saving you time and effort and that’s exactly what our convenience features will do for you.

Regular Savings

Making it easy for you to save is the goal of CBC’s Regular Savings account. Easy access to your funds, free online banking and interest that compounds monthly are just a few of the ways CBC makes it simple for you to save.

Money Market Investor

Competitive rates and immediate access to your funds are the cornerstones of CBC’s Money Market Investor. If you are ready to take your savings to the next level, this savings account rewards you by offering competitive tiered interest rates so that your high balance earns you more.

Health Savings Account

We’ve all heard the saying, “save for a rainy day,” and that statement is perhaps no truer than when it comes to healthcare costs. CBC’s Health Savings Account gives you a convenient way to pay for qualified medical expenses through tax-deductible contributions and tax-free withdrawals.

Christmas Club

Somehow, it happens every year, doesn’t it? The Holidays roll around and the gift-buying expenses quickly add up. This year, you can give a gift to yourself with CBC’s Christmas Club, an easy way to save for holiday shopping throughout the year while also earning annual interest.

Minor Savings

How often have you thought to yourself, “If only I had known that when I was younger?” Of all of life’s lessons, opening a savings account at an early age is perhaps one of the most valuable. CBC’s Minor Savings is specifically designed for customers under the age of 18 and is the perfect start to a prosperous future.